Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Incentive for septic tank owners to register early.

The Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has announced a reduced inspection fee for septic tanks.
Mr Hogan said the fee will be reduced from €50 to €5 for the first three months when the charge is introduced in April 2012.
After the first three months, registration will cost €50.
The deadline for registration will be March 2013.


Septic Tank said...

Our borehole was poisoned within 3 months, by our neighbours new septic tank soakaway for his new house on the next field at least 120yards away. This was in spite of being passed by a FETAC qualified site assessor. The inspections might not be tough enough. I had to abandon my borehole and connect to the mains at great expense. My borehole water was so contaminated with E.Coli and other diseases that it can never be used again. My house is near Charleville, Co. Cork.

Zeno Winkens said...

Thanks for the comment. You are right. Currently all the talk is about Septic tanks which don't really fail. It's the percolation areas that fail and can contaminate the ground.