Friday, 7 February 2014

NEW Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI)

Today the new voluntary Register for builders is in place.  This Register is part of the transition to Statutory Register 2015

This is in line with the Building Control (Amendment) Regulation 2014   S.I-9 (replacing S.I-80) coming to effect on 1st of March 2014.

Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) a new resource to help all those who wish to engage competent construction companies, practitioners and builders.

The (CIRI) is to be new resource to help all those who wish to engage competent construction companies, practitioners and builders.
It is the only register of construction companies or register of builders in Ireland. Before the Construction Industry Register Ireland was set up there was no means for the public to search for legitimate construction practitioners when they were looking to get some construction or building work done.

The cost for joining the register in its first year will be €600 + VAT at 23%.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zeno,
I do think the idea of a register is a brilliant idea. It will separate the cowboys from real builders but at 600 euro plus vat it is another tax I feel. 150 plus vat maybe but I will not be spending money to keeo the CIF in coffee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zeno. When this ciri register becomes statutory next march 2015 will that mean, in your opinion, that other registers are out the door so yo speak. I do know that the national guild of master craftsmen are €295 to register. I just dont see how the CIF can charge €738 plus courses?

Zeno Winkens said...

Good question. I don't know what will happen with the National guild of master craftsmen 7500 member's after 2015.
As a member I would get on to the Guild and ask them what their status is after march 2015.
CIRI (CIF) are trying to be come the national registration for builders.

Viper101 said...

Hi there,
I have to say I welcome the new register but agree that it is very expensive. It's another cost to the registered/qualified/master builder that will push build prices up further. I'm sorry but I think the National Guild of Master Craftsmen is not what it implies. As a Master Craftsman myself, I looked at joining this some years ago but found that many of the members were not only lacking Master Craftsman skills/qualifications but that some were the biggest cowboys you could imagine. Therefore, not an association I had any interest in joining/being part of. I hope and trust that CIRI will be different and the application process so far certainly suggests it will be.