Friday, 22 March 2013

World Water Day 2013

Now in its 21st year, World Water Day 2013 will takes place today 22nd March 2013 and will focus on the need to conserve and protect fresh water supplies.

Water Cooperation is part of the UN Year of Water Cooperation.

What is Water Cooperation?
Water Cooperation recognises the need for a trans-boundary and multi-disciplinary approach to water management. This holistic approach aims to incorporate all the aspects of how we use and manage water from cultural, educational, scientific, religious, ethical, social, political, legal, institutional and
economic. It promotes cooperation between different countries and disciplines to work together under a shared goal of water conservation and an equal access to clean water for all.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Local Property Tax (LPT) Valuation 2013

Winkens Architecture designed House
The media had a bit of fun with the address only based assessments. The Revenue online interactive guide is based on that.
To access your properties worth, stay realistic. You are responsible for valuing your house for the property tax.

If your  house is bigger and in better condition to the house next door, it is worth more.

Pretend you are selling your house, then you  see all the good points that your House has above your neighbours.
Make a  HOUSE VALUE FILE. Gather info to ascertain your true property value and keep it in that file. This will help you should the revenue doubt your valuation.

I have gathered a few tools below to help you access your House value.

Taken from the THE LOCAL PROPERTY TAX leaflet:
The market value of the property will be based on self-assessment by the liable person.

Liable persons will be required to self-assess the market value their property as at 1 May 2013 and  will  not be required to re-value their property for three years i.e. valuation in 2013 will be valid up to and  including 2016.

This will mean that any additional work that is done to improve or renovate a property will not alter the valuation of the property for LPT purposes up to 2016."

MyHome shows what properties sold for 2010 to 2013  
Myhome property value
Almost depressing way to figure out what your property is worth.
For example - a house purchased in 2000 for €175000 would be multiplied by 0.86 to arrive at an estimated value in 2013 of €150,500
Price Change Estimation Table
This is the calculator which is quite good.
Daft calculator
Revenue online interactive guide (only):
Revenue valuation-guide
Enter the Estimated Property Value to find out your tax liability.
Local PropertyTax