Friday, 18 April 2008

Improve your heating system

The Oxyvent Tank captures the air when it leaves the boiler and releases it automatically from all heating systems, eliminates the need to bleed radiators, no more air locks or mysterious noises and totally transforms the operation of the heating system.
This system has been around for awhile with several TV appearances. And now it is being tested.
An experimental facility was commissioned in order to perform baseline tests in a typical balanced system as well as a system operating with the Oxyvent tank in place. The preliminary tests which have been carried out tend to indicate that the claims of the Oxyvent system are apparently true with a lower operating temperature required, less fuel consumed, improved temperature uniformity of the radiators, a system that is ‘self-balancing’ and improved comfort heating.
Oxyvent test rsults

No matter what heating system you have whether it is conventional system or a modern alternative energy system you can use the Oxyvent Tank, to remove the air and allow your system to function to its maximum capacity.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hamster Hair Insulation

The latest phenomenon in eco-friendly insulation to hit the Irish market is a mat made from the hair of a special breed of Russian hamster. John Gallagher came across the rodents, remarkable for their long thick coats, while travelling in Russia and was inspired to start his own enterprise in his home County Donegal.

The A rated hamsters are bred specially for their dense fur which is shorn every three months to produce a chemical free insulation with a very high U value. The half acre farm itself is sustainably run thanks to energy harvested from the hamsters exercise wheels which feed lights, heating and ventilation.
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