Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wind Power – Grid Connection

Eco-Eye had good news tonight. Hurray! We can now connect our Wind Turbines, creating green electricity, to the national (ESB) grid.
We can feed back the excess we produce into the system. And on windless days the EBS provides us with the electricity we need at € 0.1324 per kWh.
Dual metering is finally here.

But... We give our surplus for free! There is no tariff in Ireland to sell electricity to the ESB. The likes of Scotland pay 11-12cent per kWh.

How long will it take for the ESB to give us a payback?
Is the grid not over loaded?
Wouldn’t micro energy generation help the problem?
Quote ESB web site: "These generators may, at certain times, export electricity but currently, no economically viable mechanism exists in Ireland to be paid for the electricity."

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