Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Connect a Micro-Generator

It is now possible to connect a Micro-Generator to the ESB grid.
Examples of micro-generator includes:
Micro combined heat-and-power (CHP)

Here is more info:
Esb Micro Generator connection

There is even talk of a export tariff, so you can "sell electricity" back to the ESB.
ESBCS Domestic Micro-generator Export Tariff Decision Paper

Some good reading from: National energy training academy. Neta.ie
Consumer Guide – Microgeneration 2009.

One house, three energy ratings

A few weeks back a SUNDAY TIMES investigation has found inconsistencies in the system of awarding Building Energy Ratings. They got three assessments done of the same dwelling with three different results.

It’s a shame that this scheme is riddled with problems as it is actually a good idea that one can compare like with like, if the assessments where consistent and done by qualified surveyors.

This is the full article on line

BER update

It’s end of February and I still have not seen ONE advert "House for sale" that has the BER rating with their advertisement.
It’s been law since the 1st of January 2007 for all newly-built houses sold or let.
From January ALL houses (new or second hand) sold or let must have a BER certificate.
There are fines of up to €5,000 for non-compliance.

Anyone seen any BER ratings advertised with house sales?