Saturday, 27 June 2009

Thermodynamic Solar Energy

Today at the Waterford Self build show, I cam across LVP Renewables Thermodynamic Solar Energy they are based in Dublin.

They say it’s the next generation of Solar Panels that work Day & Night, Hail , Rain, Wind or Shine.

They can do Hot water and entire Cental Heating systems

The LVP Renewables / ENERGIE water heating system incorporates a market leading thermodynamic technology in which heat is drawn from the environment by the panel, and is transferred to the water via a compressor, using the Carnot cycle. The Thermodynamic Solar Panels are filled with Klea gas (no CFC’s) and sourcing heat in a number of ways:
Solar - direct and reflected solar light
Air convection - wind passing over the panel
Rainwater - contact of rainwater with the panel
and the water temperature in the storage tank is raised in a highly efficient and cost effective manner, even when it's raining and even during the night.
With the only electrical power consumption being the small compressor motor (equivalent to that of a domestic fridge), the system can save up to 80% of your water heating costs.

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