Monday, 5 May 2014

Overview of Regulations for an Average Dwelling

The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 came into effect from 1st March 2014.

This is an RIAI architect's view of what is now needed for a typical dwellings construction, as advice for a Client (Building Owner).

Now more than ever the building of a dwelling is a team effort were various professionals must work together to achieve compliance.

Based on
> Many years of practical experience designing and supervising Home building.
 > The Code of Practice  for Inspecting and Certifying
Buildings and Works Building Control Regulations 2014 February, 2014
> Statutory Instruments S.I. No. 9 of 2014 -
Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014
> Guide for Homeowners New responsibilities for homeowners under
Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013

 This Overview  may be reproduced if credit is given to Winkens Architecture.

Down load sheet here:

Winkens Architecture  are delighted  to provide the services of the Dwelling designer.

We would be happy to provide the services of PSDP,  ‘Design Certifier’ and ‘Assigned Certifier’  for projects on which we are involved from the beginning.  

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