Friday, 1 January 2010

Mandatory septic tank Licensing for 2010

Ireland in Breach of EU waste water law
The European Court of Justice has ruled against the Irish Government in a case brought by the European Commission on waste water laws.
The court found Ireland had failed to make adequate legislation for dealing with domestic waste-water from septic tanks and other on-site wastewater treatment on October 31st 2009.
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440,000 must buy septic tank licence
Environment Minister John Gormley said he would introduce a licensing and inspection system for septic tanks, which will affect 440,000 homes across the country, mostly in rural areas.
Homeowners currently have a "duty of care" but, under a new licensing system, a public body -- such as a local authority -- will inspect tanks to ensure they are not causing pollution.
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Trying to sort out this problem will cause a lot of problems. Who will do the testing? This should be done nationally and independently, not by the County Councils. When will this news come into main stream news?