Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Overview building a Dwelling under SI 365 2015

1st September 2015 
Building Control (Amendment 2) Regulations S.I.365
BC(A2)R SI365 of 2015 as an alternative, 
in addition to S.I.9 of 2014, came into force.
With the new regulations (SI 365 of 2015) it is possible to Opt out of SI9 2014.
When Building a single house or an extension to a house of more than 40 square metres in area you may opt out of the full S.I.9 process. To avail of this facility you must sign a form of 'Declaration of Intention to Opt Out of Statutory Certification'. No need for a 'Design Certifier' and 'Assigned Certifier' needed for SI9 2014.

A Statutory Obligation, irrespective of whether the homeowner decides to comply with the statutory certification requirements or to follow the alternative process now provided for in the regulations, they must continue to meet their obligation under the Building Control Act 1990 to 2014 to ensure that the design and construction of the building concerned complies with the relevant requirements of the Building Regulations.

Homeowners should appraise themselves of any potential cost or other implications that may arise as a result of choosing to opt out of  the statutory certification process. Prior to deciding on whether
or not to avail of the opt out option, it is recommended that a
homeowner should consult with their solicitor.
Winkens Architecture can also advise about procedures.

Here is a brief guide

Overview building a Dwelling under SI 365 2015


ToH ha said...

Thanks for the lovely information programs / sheets , very informative .I have a few questions which I need answering to especially when it comes to making such a decision and the ramifications of opting out
Has the architect a role in the construction stage if the owner opts out of SI 19 ?. Is this role limited to inspection and advise?
What happens for instance if a financial institution wants professional compliance statements.
If the above are true could it be said that Opting out is only for self builders and self financed projects. Thanks I advance

Zeno Winkens said...

I am glad you found my fact sheets informative.
A full architects service would be from design concept, to planning permission, working drawings, tendering and then some supervision until completion.
It depends on the service you require.
It may happen that your financial institution insists on SI9 2014.
SI365 2015 with 'opting out' helps self builders who under SI9 2014 could not have build a dwelling.